DUNGEONS AND DPRK – Season 3 Episode 4

Taylor leads the guys on their first adventure into DPRK through the mystical powers of D&D. Join us as we play our first role-playing game ever, centered completely around Best Korea. Trust us, this one is an instant classic.

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1 thought on “DUNGEONS AND DPRK – Season 3 Episode 4

  • Sorry boys – you’ve lost me now.
    I’d loaded my pod player – dropped my car at the mechanics and walked home – so was stuck with this episode for an hour.
    And because I’d just booked my return tickets to Beijing (for later in the year and ready book my NK tour) I was actually quite looking forward to listening. But honestly it was a bore-fest and I’m not sure the point of the podcast any more.
    I’m assuming you boys have no intention of going to NK now.

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