After their amazing introduction in Season 1,  the boys of the top North Korean Podcast in the world return energized and ready to take on the steaming hot bullshit propaganda served up to the masses. In this episode, you’ll learn the goals and focus for Season 2 (I know, it’s amazing they have the ability to focus)[…]

S.A.N.K. SHORT – Kim Il Celebration With Juu

How did you celebrate the birth of the founder of DPRK, Kim Il Sung, last Friday? The guys from S.A.N.K. visited their local Korean restaurant to partake in some wonderful Kimchi. While there, they decided they aren’t a podcast but actually a think tank covering all things North Korea, as well as coining the term, “You’ve[…]

S.A.N.K. 008 – Pulgasari, Cliven Bundy’s Only Hope

First watch PULGASARI; second, prepare yourself for one of the best walk-throughs of this classic North Korean movie ever created. It’s not two dudes talking about a movie… it’s two dudes reliving this epic tale of monster, farmers, and those damn colonial Japanese and how Pulgasari 2 could be based on the life and times of government[…]